Stay Focused. Take a Break.

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Work in a healthier way.

These are the lists of useful features that might absolutely help you with your daily task.

  • Customizable rules

    You can easily modify the default rules of Pomodoro Principle to be fitted on your personal needs and likings.

  • Built-in task list

    Allowing you to create task lists that you want to accomplish with drag and drop feature changing your task priorities. It also allow you to mark specific task item as finish or even undo and redu some accident actions.

  • Full-screen breaks

    If enabled, the app will interrupt and force you to take a break by occupying the whole screen while preventing you from working.

  • Desktop notification

    If enabled, you will be notified from time to time. Notification property are divided into 3 types; NONE, NORMAL and EXTRA.

  • Special breaks

    You can set specific time wherein you really need to take a break like for example - lunch, snack, or even dinner time depending on you without having to change the rules that you have been set.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    Provide some useful keyboard shortcuts allowing you to use the app conveniently.

  • Auto updates

    With this feature, it keeps the app up to date with the latest version. You don't need to download new updates; it delivers directly to your computer.

  • Always on top

    If enabled, the app will always on top of other apps running on your Operating System.

  • Minimize to tray

    If enabled, minimize action will not minimized the app. Instead, it will be hidden and being send to tray. Useful when you want not to be distracted while using the alt-tab on your machine.

  • Close to tray

    If enabled, close action will not quit the app. Instead, it will be hidden and being send to tray. Useful if you don't want to accidentally quit the app.

  • Progress on tray

    It will show progress on your system tray. This feature can be activated if minimize to tray or close to tray feature is enabled.

  • Progress animation

    Allowing you to disable timer progress animation to reduce CPU usage to the app least required.

  • Toggle native titlebar

    Allowing you to switch between default custom titlebar to a native one and vice versa. This feature is useful especially if you don't like the default titlebar.

  • Auto-start work time

    If enabled, the app will automatically start after the timer ends. It is useful when you did not want to always start the timer manually everytime.

  • Voice assistance

    If enabled, desktop notification will have male voice to inform you from time to time. Useful when you are away from your computer while taking some break.

  • Dark theme

    Allowing you to use dark mode helps to reduce your eye strain and improves visibility if you are a type of person with low vision and sensitive to bright light.

  • Strict mode

    If enabled, the app will strictly follow the rules you have set and preventing you from pausing, skipping and resetting the timer when it started.


Regain control of your time.

Find exactly what you need to be more proficient on your workplace.

  • Luxafor Flag

    LED availability indicator that eliminates workspace distractions.

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  • Luxafor Bluetooth

    Wireless & software-controlled LED availability indicator that displays notifications and personal availability.

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  • Luxafor Switch

    Wireless & remote-controlled availability indicator that displays meeting room and workstation availability in real-time.

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  • Luxafor Cube

    Standalone LED availability indicator that displays meeting room availability.

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  • Luxafor Pomodoro Timer

    LED display timer that helps break down work in bite-sized chunks.

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  • Luxafor ANC Headphones

    Wireless headphones with active noise cancelling technology.

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  • Office Hero Planner

    Productivity planner that helps prioritize tasks and measure performance.

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  • Don't Break The Chain

    A 365-day calendar that keeps you motivated and focused on self-improvement.

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Luxafor products already used by 73,859 office workers in productive companies worldwide, such as;


Always developing new features.

Here are some lists of features that might be developing soon.

  • Customizable shortcuts

    Provide a way to make the default keyboard shortcuts customizable by the user.

  • Website Blocker

    Enable user to block specific website while working in order to stay on focus.

  • Productivity report

    Provide some useful summary about user's productivity to have some sense of accomplishments.

  • Time extender

    Enable user to extend timer if needed. Useful when the user wants to finish the task first before taking up a break.

  • Homebrew installer

    Making the app installable via homebrew (cask) makes it easier for some Mac users to install the app on their machine.

  • Tasks database

    Enable user to save completed tasks into a database. Useful when the user wants to monitor or track previews tasks.


Lots of users worldwide.

It has 65k+ download on GitHub and 3k+ active Linux snap users worldwide.